High Output Frequency


A1000 & V1000 High Output Frequency Specification


A1000 1000Hz:
3 ~ 200V .... 240V +10%/-15%, 4.0kW - 45kW
3 ~ 380V .... 480V +10%/-15%, 4.0kW - 110kW

V1000 1000Hz:
3 ~ 200V .... 240V +10%/-15%, 4.0kW - 45kW
3 ~ 380V .... 480V +10%/-15%, 4.0kW - 110kW

  • Excellent motor drive performance:
    A1000 and V1000 are both compact size inverter drives running induction motors with an output frequency between 0.0 and 1000.0 Hz. A1000 also runs permanent magnet motors (open loop).
  • Built-in functional safety features:
    The implemented Safe Torque Off (STO) function replaces output contactors and significantly improves machine safety and reliability and provides substantial cost reduction potentials.
  • Easy integration of PLC functionality:
    DriveWorksEZ creates a custom drive functionality with just some mouse clicks and by fast and intuitive programming.
  • Space saving and compact set-up:
    Outstanding power to size ratio and gapless side-by-side installation reduce the mounting space to a minimum.
  • Reliable operation:
    Long life design for 10 years of maintenance-free operation.
  • Fast Acceleration / Deceleration:
    High peak current capability for rapid start and stop. Time required for tool changes at spindles is minimised increasing the time- efficiency of machine cycles.