Precise Positioning Applications


A1000 for Precise Positioning

3 ~ 200V .... 240V +10%/-15%, 0.4kW - 110kW
3 ~ 380V .... 480V +10%/-15%, 0.4kW - 630kW

  • Three Positioning Types
    • Linear Axis
    • Absolute and Relative Motion
    • Manual Operation (Jog Forward / Reverse)
  • Positioning Quantity Source
    • Selection by Parameters, directly selected by D/Is
    • RS232/485/422 Modbus RTU
    • Field Bus Option (CANopen or other field bus protocols)
  • Distance Format Setup (User Units)
    • Use of Signed or Unsigned Position Values
    • 16- or 32- Bit Position Reference Mode for High Dynamic Range
    • Distance in Millimeter (mm), Centimeter (cm), Meter (m), Degree (°), or Revolution (rev) Units
    • User-Defined Distance Format (Number of Digits and Decimal Places)
  • Reference Switch Search
    • Search Sequences for Hardware Limit Switches (3 different switches)
    • Home Offset Value Set as 0-Position or Driven from 0-Position
    • 3 Different Speeds During Reference Search for High Accuracy
  • Position Limits
    • By Hardware and Software,
    • Changeable during Positioning
  • Encoder Support
    • PGB3, PGX3
  • Brake Control
    • Brake Sequence similar to L1000A Elevator Brake Control
    • Move Command Delay Time
    • Brake Open and Close Delay Time
    • Output Contactor Control including Response Signal and Open Delay Time
  • Status Monitors
    • Distance from 0-Position
    • Commanded Position, Speed, Ramp Time
    • Distance to Go
    • Position Error
    • Raw PG Pulses
    • Motor Shaft Angular Rotation
    • Z-Pulse Monitor
  • Status Signals
    • In-Position, Zone Signal, Reference Search Ready, “Zone” Signal, Motion Control Disable
  • Faults and Alarms
    • Hardware / Software Limit
    • Positioning Setup Error (detects wrong setup configurations)
    • Positioning Error (Position not reached in expected time)
    • Reference Search Error (Expected hardware switch could not be found) Emergency Stop Alarm (After sequence abortion)