Application process

Please submit your application through our portal.

To log into our application portal, please click on the link “job offers” on the left of the screen. Select the language of your choice on the right hand side now, as the language cannot be changed during the online application procedure.

All sections of the application portal offer an encoded and certified connection. You can either enter your data into our electronic forms or, alternatively, just enter the required contact information and attach your CV, cover letter and reference documents as separate files. You can attach up to four documents (in doc, xls, pdf, jpg, tif, ppt, txt, csv, gif, or rtf format). The maximum attachment size is 3 MB.

If you have any questions, or if any of the functions do not work properly, please contact us by phone or email.

Applications in German or in English?

We accept applications in both German and English. However, if you are applying for an executive position (manager or superior), you should always submit your cover letter and CV in English. 

Interview process

Normally, there will be two interviews. They are conducted by two Yaskawa employees, one from Human Resources, the other one from the department concerned.

The first interview will focus on questions about Yaskawa, the applicant’s curriculum vitae and career, the vacancy itself and a presentation of the departmental structure. The goal of this interview is for both parties to get to know each other. An important aspect in the selection of suitable candidates is their interest in different cultures and mentalities, because at Yaskawa employees from all over the world work together.

If the applicant is shortlisted and has expressed interest in the position and the company, there will be a second interview. In this meeting, the participants will address any open questions, discuss contractual details and negotiate the employment contract.