Remuneration and voluntary contributions

Rewarding performance and commitment

It is people who make a company successful. We can only achieve our corporate goals if our employees demonstrate entrepreneurial ability within the bounds of our shared vision. This is why we have a remuneration system that encourages and rewards performance and commitment.

Assessment system

There is a meeting each year between managers and employees to evaluate each person’s performance and commitment and discuss where their future opportunities might lie.

Employer benefits

To give you just a brief insight into our comprehensive package of benefits in addition to the salary, we offer a pension scheme, anniversary bonus, 30 days’ holiday per annum, sick pay beyond the initial 6 week period etc. To find out more, have a word with us.

We work consistently towards offering benefits and development opportunities to our employees – a successful company’s most important asset. New benefits are added almost every year. Employee satisfaction is measured in annual surveys which are there to challenge us and encourage the emergence of new ideas.