School leavers / training

Set the course for your professional future. Work in an environment that fascinates and stretches you, meet experts in their field and encounter numerous opportunities for planning your own career.

So far Yaskawa has provided training opportunities in the following area:

  • wholesale and foreign trade
  • IT / systems integration


What else do you need to know? We do not have long periods for getting up to speed or theories that do not resemble what happens in practice. We prefer learning to be on the job, so from your very first day you are included in the work processes of all kinds of departments, all the while benefiting from the team’s expertise.

Which applicants have a good chance?

If your certificate of education rating is ‘good’ to ‘very good’, you have not missed a lesson without giving a reason in your last two reports, you rapidly become enthusiastic about things and you demonstrate initiative and a willingness to learn, then you are just what we are looking for.

In return you will find yourself in the best hands during each phase of your training. Skilled and motivated trainers are alongside to coach you, helping you whenever required with questions relating to work, technical or personal matters.

Yaskawa favours open, useful forms of communication, flat organisation structures and collaboration in international teams.

A good working knowledge of English is essential in an international company which is why our trainees continue to improve their skills by receiving English language lessons throughout their training period.

To find out about the training positions currently available, take a look at our current job offers.