Ready to use Linear Slider Series


Linear Slider Servomotor Types:
SGTMM (Sigma-Trac-μ)
3.5 - 7 N (Rated Force)
10 - 25 N (Peak Force)

SGT- -Linear Slider
80 - 1,120 N (Rated Force)
220 - 2,400 N (Peak Force)

SGTMM (Sigma-Trac-μ)
SGTMM (Sigma-Trac-μ)
SGT -Linear Slider
SGT -Linear Slider
SGTMM (Sigma-Trac-μ) Linear Slider SGT-F
- Ultra-flat profile reduces floorspace requirements.
- For applications requiring short strokes (10 mm to 65 mm)
- Vibration-free transmission device enables highprecision
positioning with a repetitive positioning accuracy of ±0.5 m m max.
- Locations of armature coils on fixed side of the stationary member reduce effects of heat on table or workpiece.
- Highly enclosed construction avoids falling parts into the magnets and bearings area
- Plug and drive, shorten start-up time
- Long durability, reliable and constant performance after years of use
- Designed for easy servicing
- Direct control of the slider using Sigma-5 SERVOPACKs
- Extremely energy efficient, due to its optimised magnetic circuitry design and high-density winding
- For special lenghts, special specifications and XY systems contact your YASKAWA sales office