IE4+ Drive Package


SPRiPM Motor - High Efficiency and Compact Design

The SPRiPM motor is smaller and lighter than most standard motors.

  • The motor combines it‘s high efficiency with a very compact design.
  • Easily replace standard motors with the SPRiPM drive package without the need for additional space Improve machine productivity and capability by using more powerful motors.
  • Increase energy efficiency by applying the latest drive technology to new and existing applications

An Initial Investment that Pays for Itself within a Stunningly Short Time

Even if the package of SPRiPM motor and an A1000 or V1000 inverter drive requires slightly higher initial investment than a solution with IE2 motor and inverter drive, the SPRiPM drive package pays for itself within a stunningly short time in a broad range of applications - very often in less than 2 years. From this point of amortization onwards, the SPRiPM drive package saves a significant amount of money.


Motor Power 4.0 kW
Rated Speed 3000 min-1
Average Load 85 %
Operating Hours 16 hours a day,
5 days a week,
45 weeks a year
= 3600 h
Energy Costs 0,13 €/kWh
Power Consumption IE2 14.266 kWh
Power ConsumptionSPRiPM 13.540 kWh