IE4+ Drive Package

SPRiPM Motor

SPRiPM Motors

The Super Premium interior Permanent Magnet (SPRiPM) motors are highly efficient permanent magnet motors exceeding IE4 requirements. In contrast to other technologies, SPRiPM motors keep a very high efficiency even in medium speed/load range.

SPRiPM Motor Specifications

Motor Type IPM
Output Power Range 1.5 kW ... 45 kW
Motor Protection Class IP55
Insulation Class F
Ambient Temperature -15°C to +40°C
Cooling Method Self-ventilated
Mounting B3, B5
Constant torque range 1:10 (18.5 kW: 1:2, 45 kW: variable torque)
Frame material Aluminium, Iron

Drive Packages

The SPRiPM drive package is available in two different versions:

  • A1000 inverter drive with SPRiPM motor
  • V1000 inverter drive with SPRiPM motor

The V1000 is the easy to set up compact drive for up to 18.5 kW.

The A1000 covers the full range up to 45 kW. With zero speed operation, impressive starting torque, and advanced functionality such as sensor less positioning, it provides everything needed to satisfy even highly demanding applications.

A1000 + SPRiPM Motor
V1000 + SPRiPM Motor

Drive Packages Specifications

Package A1000 + SPRiPM Motor V1000 + SPRiPM Motor
Power Range 1.5 kW ... 45 kW 1.5 kW ... 18.5 kW
Flying Start Yes Yes
Starting Torque More than 200% More than 100%
Inverter Protection Class IP00/IP20 IP00/IP20
Torque Control for PM Motors Yes No
Full Torque at Zero Speed Yes No
Open Loop Positioning Yes No
Digital Operator LCD with support of 13 languages LED, LCD optional