Open Fieldbus Network Mechatrolink



is a field network to link several servo drives, stepper drives, inverters and I/O devices with a single FA controller. It has been developed as an open motion-control network. MECHATROLINK-II is specialized for the use with motion control and can be used for synchronized multi-axis control. Also, a cyclic redundancy check (CRC) assures high-reliability communications.

  • High-speed synchronous transmission (10 Mbps max.)
  • Optimal cycle time related the number of notes and the amount of data being transmitted (Transmission cycle time: 250 μs to 8 ms)
  • Reliable communication with cyclic redundancy check (CRC) and other ASIC communication controls
  • Two-mode master and slave ASIC enables one device to be both master and slave
System Configuration

A MECHATROLINK-II system is a bus network in which one C1 master station and a maximum of 30 slave stations can be connected. One C2 master station can also be connected. A terminator is needed on each end of the network to reduce signal reflection.

Mechatrolink-II System Configuration
Mechatrolink-II System Configuration

A MECHATROLINK connector is similar to a USB connector with a locking mechanism that can be easily and securely connected.

SEMI Standard

SEMI (E54) compliance and certification enables MECHATROLINK to be used with most semiconductor and LCD devices.