Open Fieldbus Network Mechatrolink



is the next generation bus system. It is developed for use with motion control and can be used for synchronized multi-axis control.

  • Speed-up of communication rate
  • Improved application characteristics
  • “Asynchronous communication” (like event-driven communication)
  • Data sizes for each slave can be mixed [8/ 16 / 32 / 48 / 64 bytes]
Compatibility with M-II devices and software

Software, which was already developed for MECHATROLINK-II can be used for new M-III devices. It is also possible to connect a M-III network with a M-II network by a M-III to M-II Gateway.

Plug & Work

ETD files enable master stations to recognize type and functionality of  connected slave stations.


It is possible to get/set the parameters of each slave station using the Message command

Monitoring by slave

A Slave can monitor the communication data between Master and slave. Thus, slaves that decide the next behaviour according to another slave's status (i.e. alarm code) can be set.

Transparency from PC

It is possible to communicate between the PC (which is connected to PLC or MECHATROLINK bridge) and a slave via Ethernet. (Using MEMOBUS command)

Ethernet technology

M-III applies to Ethernet technology. CAT5 cable and RJ-45 can be used, which improves availability and reduces cost. Small compact-type connectors are available to shorten minimum distance of the cable.