Open Fieldbus Network Mechatrolink


MECHATROLINK is the key technology for your system. Through total component integration Mechatrolink reduces wiring. It enables the set-up of multi-function and high-performance systems while simplifying tuning and maintenance of the system. MECHATROLINK is used in a wide variety of applications to simplify work processes and to save time and money.

System Efficiency

For MECHATROLINK a vast variety of controllers, servo drives, and stepper drives is available. This makes it an ideal choice for most machines in the market. The Mechatrolink logo on a product guarantees that it is interoperable with other MECHATROLINK products.

High-Speed Network Control

High-speed communication provides high-performance and high-accuracy motion control because data for the actual position, speed, input/output status and other are communicated in real-time.

Reduced Costs

Only one communication line can connect up to 60 stations in a network. This can greatly reduce costs and time for wiring. With connectors and cables used in the process and factory automation fields, MECHATROLINK makes most reliable, versatile, and economically efficient systems. It simplifies a motion control system so that it no longer requires the A/D converter for velocity/torque reference nor the pulse generator for position reference

Global Support and Product Development

MMA Logo

To assist the development of new MECHATROLINK products, the MECHATROLINK Members Association (MMA) offers technical support to board, executive and regular members. All members can download technical information on MMA support enables the development of new compliant products without unnecessary complications.


MECHATROLINK can be used for the control of a variety of high precision machines. It is especially suitable for synchronous and interpolation motion controls. MECHATROLINK enables the user to perfectly control torque, velocity and positioning even in complex motions.

  • Cutting machines
  • Press brake
  • Plastic tape processors
  • Laser welders
  • X-Z processing system
  • Winding machines
  • Labelling machines
  • Chip mounters and handling robots
  • Printing machines