Editing robot programs on the PC.

JobEditor is a software program used to edit robot programs (INFORM jobs). JobEditor makes it possible to create or modify jobs without removing the robot from the production process. The internal syntax checker guarantees the integrity of the created robot programs.

Main features:

  • Job creation and editing with syntax check  

    • Insert/delete command lines  
    • Edit command line  
    • Cut/copy/paste

  • Display/edit job header
  • Edit names of variables and I/Os
  • Print job
  • Rename job
  • Search for job contents
  • The command set (instruction list) largely corresponds to that of the real controller
  • Editing of taught position data is only possible via the PGH teach pendant, however




Editor for the ladder program.

LadderEditor enables the creation and editing of the corresponding PLC program in ladder diagram format (Ladder Logic). Das Editieren erfolgt über einfache „Drag and Drop“-Funktion. An automatic syntax check is carried out when the ladder program is compiled. Extensive search functions are also available.

Main features:

  • Simple editing of the ladder mnemonic code
  • Supported graphical representation
  • Preview function for displaying the complete line of the ladder program
  • Simple drag-and-drop function for editing links
  • Copy and paste between different ladder programs possible
  • Extensive cross-reference functions
  • Recording of jump operations
  • Access protection by means of password
  • Extensive range of print functions



RobCAD RCS module

Enables the use of MOTOMAN robots in RobCAD.

The RobCAD offline programming and robot simulation software by Siemens (previously UGS and Tecnomatix) enables the creation of robot programs without direct contact with the robot. Motion simulations can be carried out to determine accessibility and possible collisions.

Main features:

  • Robot program creation
  • Most accurate simulation of motion sequences
  • Compilation of programs into the relevant programming language




Offline programming and simulation.

MotoVRC is a comprehensive software kit for the virtualisation of NX100, DX100 and FS100 based robot systems. MotoVRC facilitates graphical virtualisation of the robot cell as well as of the robot system.

Main features:

  • Virtual robot control
  • Graphical simulation
  • Offline programming
  • Reach and accessibility analyses




MotoSim is an offline programming system with 3D simulation.

It reduces the teach-in time required for the robot, increases productivity and ensures operator safety by enabling robot programming on a PC.

MotoSim uses the same kinematic model as the robot controller and INFORM language, making it possible to create robot jobs offline. 

Main features:

  • Reach and accessibility analyses
  • Cycle time analysis
  • Offline programming
  • Model library
  • Example cells
  • Job transfer module
  • Remote Monitoring function
  • MotoSim Viewer function

Flyer MotoSim EG-VRC




MotoSize for the Web provides an Internet browser-based solution for calculating the load rating (mass, moment of inertia) for MOTOMAN robot models.

Use this tool to properly specify the needs of your system and ensure that appropriate loading requirements are met.

Usage of this tool is free following registration to this E-Mail address 

After you have received valid login credentials proceed to this link 


Main features:

  • Assists in selection of proper MOTOMAN robot model based on load
  • Provides colour-coded calculation results based on percentage of load for specific robot model
  • Includes ability to save calculation results to a new report and view and existing report and import input from existing report 

Key benefits:

  • Helps to determine which robot model to select for your application
  • Provides reports that can be used for application specifications or hard-copy documentation