New, fully automated removal system for folding cardboard boxes


  • Unloading of folding cartons for tending of packaging machines


  • Superposed motions and work steps enable packaging machines to be supplied with up to 500 folding cartons per minute
  • Full cartons can be picked up directly from the pallet at the system
  • Individual cartons can be fed in via conveyor belts
  • Disposal of slipsheets, folding of empty cartons, setdown in waste boxes
  • Handling of cartons weighing up to 12 kg (opening procedure, carton unloading process, disposal of packaging)
  • Simple unloading of cartons by means of two separately controlled gripper tools – combined with a synchronized robotic swivel unit 


  • The compact design of the SDA20D dual-arm robot enables the implementation of either retrofits in existing systems or integrated solutions for new projects, even in confined spaces
  • Great potential for the pharmaceuticals, food and cosmetics industries
  • Due to ever-increasing batch sizes and packaging speeds, this automation solution is not only cost-effective, but also relieves the burden on the human operator and simplifies logistics