Release of DriveWizard Mobile and the Drives Manual App

02. Kasım 2017

Effective today YASKAWA releases two new mobile apps, DriveWizard Mobile and the YASKAWA Manual App.

No need for carrying a PC or printed manuals any more.
While DriveWizard Mobile greatly simplifies setup, monitoring and diagnosis of GA700 drives,
the Manual Reader provides you access to the latest GA700 manuals on your mobile device.






DriveWizard Mobile

  • Drive Setup, online monitoring and diagnosis
  • No need for manuals - parameter details like descriptions, setting range, defaults etc. at one glance
  • Motor Auto-tuning from your smart device
  • Detailed alarm/fault descriptions and counter measures
  • Search function for parameters, faults and alarms
  • Connection by Bluetooth or USB (BT keypad or USB-on-the-go adapter and cable required)
  • Usable offline without internet connection
  • Backup of settings locally or in the YASKAWA Cloud

Yaskawa Drive Manuals

  • Access to latest GA700 manuals
  • Manuals for upcoming drive models when these are released
  • Download of Manuals for offline use
  • Search function helps finding relevant topics in seconds
  • Bookmark your favourite topics
  • Add your own comments and notes to any content

How do I get these great apps?
Just scan the QR-codes in the images above and follow the links to Google Play. Alternatively open Google Play and search for "DriveWizard" and "Yaskawa Manuals".

How much does it cost?
Both apps and the Cloud services that we currently offer are completely free of charge.

Do I need any registration and if yes how do I get it?
The YASKAWA Manual app does not require any type of registration.
DriveWizard Mobile requires a personal user account in the YASKAWA Drive Cloud. The account can be created on our website (Login button in top right corner) or from DriveWizard Mobile directly on your mobile device.

Why do I need an account for DriveWizard Mobile?
DriveWizard Mobile offers parameter or application backup in the YASKAWA Drive Cloud so that data are available anytime and anywhere. However, this feature requires a registration of the drive, which can only be done with a user account. Additionally the account allows DriveWizard Mobile to gain access to the latest drive parameter data and descriptions.

What are the system requirements?
Android 5.0 to 7.1.1 (8.0 not tested yet)

Can I use the apps on an iPhone?
At the moment both apps work on Android, not on iPhones. Apps for iPhone will be released next year.